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A Real Time Customer Data Platform Designed to Complement Your MarTech Stack

Closed Loop Customer Insights to Action Solution

The Knowesis Platform is centered upon the following core principles:

  • ingest any type of data feed in real time or batch

  • transform raw data to meaningful customer profile attributes

  • provide a real time view of every individual customers profile state within a real time customer data mart

  • provide real time audience / segments to aid pre-analysis

  • identify opportunities or risks in real time through context rich event triggers to drive proactive outbound engagement

  • engage customers through both push/outbound channels and pull/inbound channels*

  • manage contact policies in real time across all channels

  • execute real time analytics for predicting what a customer is likely to do and for automating real time next best offer/action* decisions

  • design and launch customer engagement programs applying gaming techniques that challenge, monitor and reward customers in real time*

  • provide closed loop reporting to manage real time customer engagement performance and to aid ongoing strategy optimization

* requires either Sift Engage or Opolo for SFMC

Choose your flavor

Three solution deployment options all designed to use data to automate customer engagement and make every interaction smarter.​

On-premise or cloud – the choice is yours.

Base Platform

Underpinning Opolo and Sift Engage. Designed to complement any existing MarTech investments.

  • Adds a real time data mart, complex, live audience analysis and complex event processing to complement your MarTech stack.

  • Continuously profiles individual customers and keeps a record of their current and historical state.

  • Supports real time execution of analytical models

  • Continuously identifies customer opportunities or risks as moments of when to engage.

  • Sends real time contextual triggers to any downstream application.

  • Makes the real time customer profile available to any other application via API.

  • Protects PII / sensitive data through Tokenization.


Sift Engage

If you're looking for a real time personalization engine tightly coupled with a real time CDP.

  • Engage extends the Base Platform by adding customer engagement capability.

  • Automates intelligent decisions regarding when, what and how when it comes to customer engagement.

  • Sets personal challenges to customers and automatically fulfills bonuses as they are achieved to enable customer journeys with gamification strategies.

Opolo for Salesforce
Marketing Cloud

If you've invested in or considering Salesforce

  • Ready to Use Plug-In Activities for Marketing Cloud Journey Builder

  • Opolo provides functionality extensions that are natively available within Marketing Cloud.

  • Opolo works within SFMC providing:

    • ready to use Activities in Journey Builder

    • an Admin console to configure Activity templates, streaming ETL, and real time data mart

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