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Knowesis core to Siam Commercial Bank digital transformation.

18th November 2020

Knowesis core to Siam Commercial Bank digital transformation.

Knowesis, in partnership with Salesforce, are supporting SCB as they embarked on the digital transformation journey. SCB have adopted a three-phase approach, Initially SCB will implement SFMC standard capabilities, including omni-channel marketing journey, real-time interaction management and display and social ad management. Phase 2 will be the introduction of Knowesis real-time customer profile and offer management to support dynamic segmentation and centralized offer orchestration and contact policy management. Finally, phase 3 will be the arrival of hyper-personalization using Next-Best-Offer analytics model (NBO) and AI driven interaction management as well as Customer 360 Audience (CDP).

About Knowesis

Knowesis Pte Ltd has developed market leading real time interactive management software, which is installed in portfolio of blue-chip customers in Australia, Asia, Central Asia and the Middle East, across a number of sectors including telecommunications, financial services and retail sector.

Knowesis software is a single decision point for all our customers data soures, the software ingests all types of contextual data in real time to transform and personalise the customer experience. One of our customers is processing over 15 billion records per day, and will continue to scale.

Knowesis offers cloud, hybrid and on-premises solutions, we are sector agnostic and our products scale with the customer’s business.

Knowesis Opolo is one of our product lines which has been customised to integrate with Sales Force Marketing Cloud (SFMC). Opolo brings and offers unique sets of functions to help improve and enhance SFMC customer engagement capabilities. We are a Salesforce AppExchange and Consulting Partner

For further information please go to our website at or please contact us at


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