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Leverage real time customer data to engage customers at the right moment and optimize the outcome of each subsequent customer interaction. 
RT Data Mart

Real Time 360° Customer View

The Knowesis real time customer data mart is designed to act as the single source of truth on which any customer engagement decision will be based.

Matching incoming data feeds with different customer IDs to a single customer it is the real time source of truth for:

  • automated customer audience / segment insights

  • predictive scoring

  • event triggers

  • all customer engagement decisions including next best offer / action decision making

  • offer monitoring and fulfillment triggering

  • contact policy enforcement

  • customer engagement performance reporting 

Ingest data from any data source (real time or batch), filter, transform and store customer attributes within a real time data mart.

Increase Customer Lifetime Value

Leverage 'in the moment' event triggers to immediately identify opportunities or risks and initiate action.


Boost upsell, and cross-sell revenues with right time and personalized opt-in or challenge and reward offers.  

Optimize upsell margins and ensure no revenue cannibalization on upsell offer decisions by applying automated business rules against real time customer data.

Improve retention and customer lifetime value with right time proactive and predictive engagement.  Optimize retention margins by providing individual targeted offers based on predictive intelligence. 

Knowesis next best offer / action models and consulting improves offer conversion rates by intelligently sorting unlimited numbers of offers for individual customers in real time.

Take full advantage of location using Mobile SDK data feeds but also Telco network data feeds, WiFi access points, ATM transactions, POS transactions, etc.

Optimize take rates, margin and the overall customer experience using contextual real time awareness to drive decisions such as  selecting the best offer, preferred channel, whether or not to engage, etc.


Differentiated Customer Experience

The Knowesis platform provides a true omni-channel solution.  The channel mix spanning traditional, new digital, social messaging and paid media activation. 

Customers can be engaged either via pushing offers to the channel or in the moment while a customer is interacting with a channel.

Create innovative, differentiating Customer Journeys using our own UI or the Salesforce Marketing Cloud Journey Builder.

Make engagement genuinely ‘human’ with scheduled or triggered reminders and alternative offers providing for a complete sense of engagement.

Provide a unique customer engagement experience by applying gamification techniques to boost customer participation and response. 


Delivering Success

Decades of experience in delivering highly complex IT integrations means that our Knowesis team knows exactly how to deliver business and IT transformation.

As an accredited Salesforce Consulting Partner, Knowesis can be your trusted partner to deliver the Marketing Cloud solution you need.


Let our technical teams manage the day to day running of the platform – using proven technology and processes. Our team will ensure that your platform is up and running 24x7. 

Need a dedicated team to help with pre-analysis, configuration, reporting or optimization? Knowesis offers experienced teams to either augment your current team, or provide a dedicated team in support of a new division or product line.

Let analytics power your business - data mart design and build, driving the lifecycle of analytical models, machine learning, data-mapping, model building, training, launch and automated optimization - our expert consultants are here to help.

Complex Integration
Project Delivery
SFMC Registered Consulting Partner
Analytics Design & Build Consulting Services
End to End Reporting &
Optimization Services
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